Before I knew the word “Atheism”

Here is my icon before I knew the likes of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Victor Stenger, Paul Kurtz, or Ayan Hirsi Ali.

Back in high school I research about Wicca and other related stuffs. Then stumbled in this very materialistic religion. The only religion I knew that is anti-spiritual, non-theistic and views its rituals as mere psychodrama.

And they fit my ideals of a godless and pure science thinking.

click on the images below to direct you to their website.

LaVeyan Satanism writings are the first to introduce me to non-theistic ethics and a life of abundance. It affirmed my belief that we are all animals, and the fact that we have the power to shape our own lives and give meaning to it.

But the best I’ve learned from them, is

There is no God, no Devil, no Angel, no Afterlife. So live the best for the moment, as you are your own God. The Baphomet is an icon of your personal God – yourself.

Indulgence, not Compulsion!


Hail Satan!


2 responses to “Before I knew the word “Atheism”

  • 66dragonfly66

    Hey! Hows it going? I didnt look at the time period of this posting. Im not even sure if discussion on these ideas are possible. In my opinion there is alot of good that comes from the Leveyan approach to life, but it fails to be progressive. It may allow us to indulge, but without being able to contemplate and potentially integrate older traditional views on subjects we loose the hegelian process of thesis antithesis and then synthesis. One can indulge without being a satanist, one can be a spiritual materialist without being a satanist too. There are lots of cultural sources one could derive their identity from in this way, say like being a confucianist or ancestor worshipper. In some ways the living memory of our present day identity is wholly owed to those that went before us, even if they are not real the mindsets and cultural conditions they gave to us are as real as any God could be.

  • 66dragonfly66

    What I wrote was deleted!! Hey, how are you?
    I find pure skepticism to be unnecessary. I doubt you doubt if the sun will rise tomorrow.
    It is indeed probabilistic but so what?
    Have you ever heard any Christopher Hyatt’s work? He said that the major problem in our age is the supression of psychic phenomena. He was a psychologist, and was interested in Wilhelm Reich’s work a student of Freud. So his ideas were probably directed towards the truth that there are many unexpressed and repressed emotional processes inherent to living that our culture denies leading to very unhealthy people.

    LeVay believed in the man downstairs. In place of Levay you could be a confucianist, or worship your ancestors and still not believe in God or your ancestors, just in the idea that the folkways are essential to preserving your connection to the cultural idea of yourself (which is not atomistic as Ayn Rand would want us to believe).

    The Levayan satanism is not progressive. It stops, It fails to continue the hegelian process of greater enlightenment of thesis antithesis and synthesis.

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