Upcoming Atheist Convention in Manlia

Feeling so excited for the First Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Convention.

Yesterday, Chairwoman Marissa Langseth treat us for lunch, together with the members of the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society – Cagayan de Oro. We talked about their travel from their home islands to the national capital, and their future plans for their chapter.
Tomorrow we will be expecting members from Cebu and Baguio to arrive in Manila for our first inter-chapter meetings.

Awhile ago, my friend told me they are already talking with the media for the coverage of the convention.

Me, and my two co-masters of ceremony are reciting our lines for the convention.


The Philippines and the ghost of Clerico-Fascism

When D’Souza’s debating with Dan Barker in Harvard, he said “If atheists equate religion with unicorns, then why doesn’t Richard Dawkins write about the Unicorn Delusion, Sam Harris about the End of Unicorns or Hitchens write Unicorns are not Great: How Unicorns poisons everything?”
Then Barker said we have no problems about one’s belief – that’s their choice – but what troubles us is when religious people bug our private lives and interfere in this democratic society.

And here is my proof that Mr. Barker is right, especially in my country where most Catholics doesn’t get how gullible they’ve been turned into:

For my religious friends and relatives, I fully appreciate and understand how your belief systems help you with everything. It’s your choice and I affirm it as much as you do. But this is how lines are crossed. The public sphere is NOT a Christian, nor a Muslim, nor a Jewish sphere. Freedom is for the separation between church and state. It’s for everyone to enjoy his or her existence.


This day is freakin overwhelming for me. Any day where you’re just going to sit to your computer. Spending brunch and dinner on the same spot, conversing the people and dummies on the same spot, as well as doing the rest of your day. Dammit! It really increases irritation.
Starting now on, I’ll be refraining too much intellectualizing, speak about atheism in computer and live my life godless, and enjoy the rest of the day with real people and real events.
About the computer thing, it’ll just be a category of my lifestyle.
I miss my friends, and I want to get out ….

On Mad Atheists

Often I hear people bashing out words against anything and anywhere about how they mad they are, or how fucked is their life. I often do not understand such rantings, and it always often irritates whenever people go say, “fuck everything created by God” or what.
But something I learned that needs to be realized: we are not atheists to say how fucked we are against the world, or how we hate one another because we are so crapped in this world we do not deserved. We never have to insist we feel inferiority on everything that God created and God made to follow Him.
Being mad and too emotional has nothing to with atheism or agnosticism. It only has something to do with our personal attitudes and worldviews. Each time we are mad, or crapped or simply fucked up with this world, we don’t justify “militant atheism” with it. We’re just justifying how we level with these crappy people we were provoked with.
I’m not saying one of us has no right to get mad, but we just don’t see it right to equate it with atheism or anything that has to do with free thought. It’s total nonsense.

Namaste!!! =)

I was about to write strong criticisms against Buddhism, until one Sunday. We were holding our meet-up at Bo’s Cafe, and when I went outside for a smoke I saw an event at the concert hall, celebrating Buddha’s Birthday.  John told us to go there and we talked with the people.

So, we entertained ourselves.

Now I ended up realizing one thing.

If you want to speak up yourself and come OUT as an atheist or agnostic, expecting debates and strong critical dialogues, never ever expect discrepancy or indifference from the Buddhists. You will be ending up agreeing with each other.

I learned a lot from them that cultivated my atheism or my agnosticism. We agreed that every cause has an effect, and the laws of nature are guided by cause and effect.

We agreed that man’s sins are his’ alone, and we are responsible of our own lives. We made it, we fix it.

We agreed that Sakhyamuni never meant this philosophy to become a religion.

You could follow Buddhism as a philosophy and a religion. As for my case, I accept it philosophically in a way.

We agreed that good conversation consists of laughing hearts and minds.

We agreed that you are good without God. (I personally agree to myself that God is under the law of karma too, but exemption to the rule whenever he massacres the Amalekites and appoints a dictator to Jerusalem.)

and many many more….

Reflections on PATAS

We are not just a group of well-informed people; we are well-applying ones. The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society is a group described with its activities aside from the length and content of their forum threads. Our group literally unites the Filipino non-theists with the internet only as its starting point.
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Before I knew the word “Atheism”

Here is my icon before I knew the likes of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Victor Stenger, Paul Kurtz, or Ayan Hirsi Ali.

Back in high school I research about Wicca and other related stuffs. Then stumbled in this very materialistic religion. The only religion I knew that is anti-spiritual, non-theistic and views its rituals as mere psychodrama.

And they fit my ideals of a godless and pure science thinking.

click on the images below to direct you to their website.

LaVeyan Satanism writings are the first to introduce me to non-theistic ethics and a life of abundance. It affirmed my belief that we are all animals, and the fact that we have the power to shape our own lives and give meaning to it.

But the best I’ve learned from them, is

There is no God, no Devil, no Angel, no Afterlife. So live the best for the moment, as you are your own God. The Baphomet is an icon of your personal God – yourself.

Indulgence, not Compulsion!


Hail Satan!